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home repairs needed

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About mared1987

Hi, I am 40 yrs old , disabled, married(husband currently in FPC) , mother of 2(20 & 16).  I am living off of SSI and rent from our trailer next door(which total 689 monthly).  I am paying out almost every dollar in bills(in april had 5 left and in may I had 9 which included the money from april).  I can't get grant from USDA rural development because I'm not 62 and can't afford their loan.  My house is in desperate need of some repair.  It needs :  foundation repaired, sill plates repaired/replaced, needs painted(bought paint almost 2 years ago and have no one to do work now), eaves repaired/replaced, and new roof(leaks in one room PLUS has max layers on so has to be completely removed and redone) and new gutters.  I have tried to find agencies and organizations to help with the repairs, BUT can't find any in my area(southern Illinois...Crawford County).

I would LOVE any kind of information OR help.  Thanks in advance for your help.

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Home repairs needed

I need a new roof and also my bathroom redone the pipes are leaking and my wall is caving in.  I have applied for home restoration but turned down due to bad credit.

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